For Yourself and Others

Academic Training Group, Donatas Jankauskas, Patricija Jurksaityte, Dziugas Katinas and Linas Liandzbergis, S&P Stanikas, Gintautas Trimakas

Curated by Liutauras Psibilskis

A selection of shops and cafes in Vilnius and in the Jutempus Interdisciplinary Art Centre, Vilnius, September 1995

From the catalogue essay:

The project For Yourself and Others had several points of departure. First of all its aim was the artworks’ dialogue with the emerging consumerist society in Lithuania. It analysed the shift in ideals and values in a society where material activity has become a particularly important determining factor. The public spaces – the street, the shop, the café, the pharmacy – where the artworks were installed are laden with social importance. There people meet who perhaps never visit art exhibitions. In a swiftly changing present everything that seeks to create an illusion of stability become questionable. The quick and concentrated artistic action suits the present moment better. The project For Yourself and Others has consciously avoided the larger scale, so as not to endanger the intimate relation between the viewer and the artwork. The art event is understood as an everyday phenomenon that shapes the context of our existence rather than as a celebration that causes our life to go off track. The intention was to not restrict the participating artists and to not narrow down the meaning of the artworks specially created for this exhibition. The idea behind the exhibition and its title expresses a basic aspect of any work of art: its birth from within itself and its meeting with the other. This served to underline the exhibition’s focus on the social ambition of art. The artworks were created with specific sites in mind, but without adherence to the idea of the site-specific.

Supported by the Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Lithuania.