Landscapes (Monuments), 2001

“My pictures were taken in specific locations – Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga, St. Moritz, Basel, Zurich – but they could be from anywhere, really. I look for utopian sites in very everyday, mundane settings. I think ordinary sites carry many extraordinary dimensions. And the ordinary can be the basis for ecstasy. With my images, I try to look for places that can be “outside” of pre-conditioned structures. I look for “neutral” modes of belonging through non-belonging. I wonder if the ideologies of the environments I look at will be present even in their most neutral-looking sites.“ L.P. 2001

Presented at Self-Esteem, Lithuanian Art 2001, curated by Anders Kreuger, Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius. Publication by CAC - Vilnius, 2001.